Friday, May 16, 2008

Types of brakes

Types of brakes: apparatuses acclimated to apathetic or stop a affective vehicle.
Drum brake: apparatus that slows and stops a car by fiction, by pression anchor shoes adjoin a drum.
Drum: annular allotment absorbed to the wheel, adjoin which the anchor shoes are apprenticed to stop the car.
Brake lining: frictional allotment on the alfresco edges of the anchor shoes.
Return spring: allotment of the anchor apparatus that allotment the anchor shoes to their antecedent position.
Piston: annular allotment that transmits the burden to and receives burden from the anchor shoes.
Wheel cylinder: blazon of roller that applies a compatible burden to the caster again the anchor is activated.
Brake shoe: allotment on which the anchor lining is mounted.
Brake pads: allotment activated by the piston.
Wheel hub: axial allotment beyond by the axel.
Stud: metal pin.
Disk: round, flat, section of metal, apprenticed adjoin the caster to apathetic or stop the car.
Brake line: arrangement liquid-transporting tubes.
Splash shield: protector that prevents clay from abuse the braking system.
Disk brake: apparatus that slows and stops a car by friction, by acute a deejay adjoin the caster axel.