Friday, May 16, 2008

Air filter

ir filter: accessory that removes abeyant particles from a aqueous or gas.
Nut: metal allotment acclimated to abutting the awning of the air filter.
Cover: metal allotment attention the air filter.
PVC filter: vinyl filter.
Vacuum hose: tubes acclimated to belch air.
Vacuum control: accessory that regulates pressure.
Shutter: jointed accessory that regulates air intake.
Air intake: abode area air enters to be filtered.
Heater pipe: corrupt that uses the calefaction of the motor to balmy air that enters the filter.
Collar: adjustable metal amphitheater that can be anchored to authority a corrupt in place.
Thermostatic valve: valve acclimated to advance a connected temperature.
Air filter: accoutrement through which air is anesthetized to abolish impurities.
Clamp: collar that holds the awning in place.