Friday, May 16, 2008

Automobile dashboard

Automobile dashboard: the ascendancy console of a car. Contains gauges acclimated to admeasurement speed, ambit traveled, etc. It is about amid in foreground of the driver.
Rearview mirror: mirror acclimated for searching backward.
Mirror: able bottle article that reflects an image.
Cigarette lighter: accessory acclimated for lighting cigarette.
Vent: aperture that allows air to broadcast in the commuter compartment.
Glove compartment: accumulator alcove at the foreground of the commuter compartment.
Radio controls: button acclimated to ascendancy the radio.
Heating controls: button acclimated to ascendancy the altered heating systems of a car.
Accelerator pedal: foot-operated ascendancy that accelerates a vehicle.
Brake pedal: foot-operated ascendancy that slows and stops a vehicle.
Steering column: set of mechanisms acclimated for council a car.
Turn arresting level: ascendancy that operates the about-face signals.
Windshield wiper controls: duke batten authoritative the windshield wiper.
Instrument panel: set of dials and pictograms that accord advice on the accompaniment of a vehicle.
Sun visor: adaptable accessory that bouncer adjoin the sun.