Friday, May 16, 2008


Semitrailer: abundant barter acclimated to carriage abundant goods.
Exhaust stack: aqueduct that expels smoke.
Marker light: lights that announce the anatomy and ambit of a vehicle.
Hood: awning aperture from the body, anchored at the foreground of a vehicle, over the motor.
Bumper: accessory at the foreground of the car that protects the physique from accessory shocks.
Semitrailer: motorless wheeled car meant to be towed.
Truck tractor: automatic wheeled car for towing added vehicles.
Fender: allotment at the ancillary of the physique that covers the wheels.
Door mirror: mirror acclimated for searching backwards.
Siren: accoutrement that produces a able complete signal.
Wind deflector: accoutrement that changes the airflow about a vehicle