Friday, May 16, 2008

Automobile from below

Automobile (view from below): alley car that is motor-driven and is acclimated for alteration people.
Radiator: accoutrement that cools the motor.
Power steering: apparatus that automatically amplifies the movements of the council wheel.
Line shaft: arbor on which automated ability is transmitted to the wheels.
Exhaust system: arrangement of pipes through which spent gas is expelled.
Differential: accessory arrangement abutting the two axles of a car.
Gas tank: alembic acclimated for autumn added gas.
Rear axle: bar that crosses the basal rear allotment of a vehicle. The rear auto are absorbed to its ends.
Shock absorber: accessory for abbreviation shocks.
Tire: bandage of elastic composed of a case of bolt and iron, covered with elastic and absolute a air tube.
Hydraulic converter: accessory application changeless activity to adapt the electric current.
Transmission: accessory accustomed engine ability to axles.
Crankcase: metal envelope attention the clutch.
Oil pan: aqueous bound metal envelope absolute oil.
Master cylinder: blazon of alembic in which the agent is moving