Friday, May 16, 2008

Anatomy of an automobile

Anatomy of an automobile: alley car that is motor-driven and is acclimated for alteration people.
Trunk: abode for stowing baggage.
Tail light: rear light.
Spare wheel: caster of a car acclimated to alter a damaged wheel.
Wheel: annular article that turns about a axial axel and allows the car to advance.
Transmission: auto accoutrement that transmits automated ability to the wheels.
Muffler: accessory acclimated to abate engine noise.
Line shaft: arbor on which automated ability is transmitted to the wheels.
Body ancillary moulding: adorning moulding on the ancillary of a car.
Disk brake: accoutrement that slows and stops a car by friction, by acute a deejay adjoin the axel of a wheel.
Oil filter: accessory that removes algae from oil casual through it.
Alternator: architect that produces an alternating current.
Radiator: accoutrement that cools the motor.
Distributor: case that is acclimated to blaze the cylinders.
Battery: accessory that generates electric current.
Air filter: accessory that abolish algae from air casual canal it.
Windshield washer: aqueous acclimated to apple-pie the windows.
Steering wheel: accessory acclimated to handle a car in conjuction with council and accessory systems.
Windshield wiper: adaptable device, fabricated partly of rubber, that wipes the windshield and rear window of a car.
Seat: blazon of armchair in the commuter alcove of a car.
Window frame: bound about a window.
Rearview mirror: central mirror acclimated for searching backward.